• What is the most extreme example of moral behavior?  My example would be the righteous Christians who risked their lives to protect Jews from the Nazi murderers.  When scholars studied this altruistic behavior they discovered something very ordinary.  
    These altruists explained that their moral behavior was learned at home, where they took seriously what they were taught by their parents. 

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    A “Hero’s Journey” includes a mentor of some kind. Generally, these are characters who guide, protect, motivate, or train. The mentor can appear in a variety of ways and occasions. A mentor may use a gift as a lure to get the hero to accept a challenge or as a treasure after a hero proves his commitment. The mentor can be someone who provides encouragement to a hero who is hesitating to pave the unknown path. An example of this is the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz giving Dorothy the red shoes and guiding her toward the Yellow Brick Road.

  • Discover the Personal Story of the Greatest Peacemaker of our Time


    Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon was born on February 10, 1943 in Anju, South Pyeongan Province, in what is now North Korea. At the age of six, she fled to South Korea with her mother and grandmother, risking their lives to cross the border in the dead of night.


    From a very young age, Mother Moon developed a deep relationship with God in a close father-daughter bond. When she married the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 1960, their mutual desire to see a true world of peace led her to join him on a pioneering course as the Mother of Peace.

  • "Middle school is brutal.  Ask just about anyone, and they'll very likely tell you it was the worst time of their life…" 

    Since I teach in middle school at The Principled Academy, I was anxious to read the newly- 
    published book, And They Stopped Talking to Me, by Judith Warner.  I guess I have been unaware of what I should be experiencing.  Warner describes the feeling of exclusion many middle schoolers feel (hence the title of her book), the bullying, insults, popularity contests, sexual attraction, dress demands, and pressure from parents, among many other tortures. 

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    Throughout our lives, there are people and situations that influence us either for the good or bad. Let’s look at the different types of characters who appear on a “Hero’s Journey”.

  • The title of this essay is from a book by Thomas Lickona of the same name.  Raising a good child is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding activity in life.  Parents see a child go through dramatic changes from year to year and sometimes from moment to moment.  Psychologists and educators give us a framework of child development that can enable us to understand that there are stages of moral reasoning and moral behavior. 

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    A world that realizes universally shared values resembles a perfect human body. All the various organs in the body work in harmony for a common purpose according to the commands of the brain. In the same way, directives from the hearts of mature people will produce goodness and righteousness. Universally shared values are common ethical and moral social guides centered on our Heavenly Parent’s true love and heart.

  • From a biblical perspective, each person is created in the image of God and has great potential for love, reason, and creativity. From a secular point of view each person has, in potential, the same nature. Psychologists speak of the 24 strengths in each person that can be developed by taking responsibility to cultivate those strengths. These are often the virtues described by the Judeo-Christian worldview: prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude (courage).

  • While preparing for our wedding, we [Josiah and Sandra Larson] discussed possible ideas for our honeymoon. Separately, we had talked about traveling, possibly for work or for volunteering internationally. With nursing and engineering as our professions, we were looking into how we could offer our skills to another community.

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    Mutual prosperity is like the term peace. Almost anyone wants it but how it comes about is the question. We’ve seen governments plan and control its people but still there isn’t equal living conditions for all. Especially in advanced countries, there is destructive competition and self-promoting aggressive tactics to gain wealth without regard to the public safety or well-being. I’ve pondered the question of mutual prosperity and have concluded it’s only possible with true love.