CARP September UP Seminar

CARP Bay Area’s UP Seminar 

September 23rd- September 24th, 2022

Bay Area, CA


This SeptemberCARP Bay Area, a campus ministry, hosted its first Unification Principles seminar of the semester!


The seminar kicked off Friday, Sep. 23rd evening on zoom with participants joining from UC Berkeley, Chabot College, as well as young adults from the Bay Area Family Church community.


In addition to providing a space to learn Unification Principles for young adult participants, this seminar was a learning opportunity for many CARP leaders to become proficient lecturers as well as how to coordinate and plan a CARP event. 


One of the college participants shared that attending this seminar “...has also opened up the idea of eventually starting a family one day hopefully with the person I love,” and, “'s showed me that there's a lot more to religion than just singing and praying. There's a need to help others around you and close to you, in order to make living more enjoyable experience. Since the purpose of life is to enjoy it with the people around you.” 


All in all a great first seminar and a good kick-off to the remaining UP seminars of the semester! 


Report written by Younng Joo Scharf, CARP Chabot President