Testimonial Night with Tea


with David and Arehta Fortune 

Friday, November 13th, 2020


Theme: Authentic Relationships 


A wonderful evening with David and Arehta sharing their personal stories and wisdom from their experiences in creating authentic relationships during college life and with the matching and blessing, followed by a Q&A session. 

Arehta shared with us her experience in college and how she worked on building genuine friendships with her peers and professors, striving to be someone with integrity and by being genuinely curious towards others. She also shared with us how, when attending UC Berkeley, she would challenge herself to share the Principled perspective when given assignments, papers, or projects to write, asking herself how she can share her thoughts and the principle in an understanding, eloquent way. 


David shared with us “to be specific is to be sincere”, urging us to ask ourselves questions such as, ‘what specific words and actions can I practice or do on a daily basis to see value in the day to day interactions I have’. He shared with us a personal story about his relationship with his manager and how different they were in how they live their lives, but how his manager was moved by who he is and what he brought to the table at work despite the differences in their lifestyle. He reminded us that what is important is to be authentic and confident in being ourselves even if people act differently around us and at work or in any situation.


Following the testimony and Q&A session we were able to discuss and share in smaller groups about what we gained and the attitude we hope to have moving forward. It was a nice evening to reflect and talk about what it means to have authentic relationships, think about our own relationships in our lives, and how building genuine friendships and what we do today is preparation for the future matching and blessing. 



Report written by: Gabriela von Euw