Posts by Dr. Mose Durst

These posts are short essays written by Dr. Mose Durst related to character education and often relate to the themes in Pastor Thompson's sermons. 

  • The joy was over-flowing on the screen and I found myself feeling a similar joy watching the celebration. The smiles, hugs, and embraces brought great good feeling to me as I watched the jubilation on the screen. I felt my spirit uplifted and wanted to embrace someone. The T-shirts they wore revealed the motto of the team: "Stay in the Fight". I could reflect on  challenges in my own life, and I felt the hope that I, too, needed to stay in the fight.

  • First empathy in Berkeley, now Kindness in Southern California. "New UCLA institute will study - and spread - kindness" reads the headline in today's paper. Although kindness has been recognized as a human strength by positive psychology, the research institute at UCLA will seek to provide data to support how kindness leads to health and well-being.