Posts by Dr. Mose Durst

These posts are short essays written by Dr. Mose Durst related to character education and often relate to the themes in Pastor Thompson's sermons. 

  • Although The Principled Academy aspires to be the character education school of the Bay Area, we do not overlook the importance of a core curriculum.  There is significant knowledge that students must learn from preschool through middle school.  

  • In recent blogs I have written about the 24 strengths, or capacities for virtue, as explained by 
    studies in positive psychology.  In addition, I explained how the practice of mindfulness allows us to 
    attend to our awareness in the present moment.  In Hardwiring Happiness, Rick Hansen explains how 
    the experience of positive moments of beauty, goodness, and love, for the self and the other, develop 
    the brain.  It has the ability to seize upon these moments and develop pathways, that allow for further positive experience.  The brain grows throughout our life. 

  • Mrs. M.L. Carillo is the morning home-room teacher for middle school students. Every Monday she asks students to share about their weekend experiences, usually focusing on empathy or other character strengths (The Principled Academy focuses on the 24 strengths within each person as part of the character education program). She calls their names randomly as a name on a popsicle stick represents each student.

  • The joy was over-flowing on the screen and I found myself feeling a similar joy watching the celebration. The smiles, hugs, and embraces brought great good feeling to me as I watched the jubilation on the screen. I felt my spirit uplifted and wanted to embrace someone. The T-shirts they wore revealed the motto of the team: "Stay in the Fight". I could reflect on  challenges in my own life, and I felt the hope that I, too, needed to stay in the fight.

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