Our Mission

We hope to return joy to God and humanity by empowering individuals to live by their conscience, and nurturing healthy, happy families who live in service to others as the basis for a peaceful global community.

Our Vision

We are a healthy, growing community of thriving individuals and families returning joy to God.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to transform ourselves and our families into a heavenly force for building God's Kingdom on Earth.

Our Actions

We effectively reach those outside of God's family to share the precious truth and love of God.


We develop individuals to accomplish their life purpose.


We create a connected, caring community.


We build future leaders and empower volunteers.


We offer culturally relevant communication.


We offer worship experiences to meet God. (Sunday Service, Seminars, Camps, etc.)


The Profound Lives of our Timeless Teachers

Through earnest prayer at age 16, Rev. Sun Myung Moon uncovered the mystery of God’s providence, the reason for human suffering and new insights into history that would eventually make up the core teachings of the Unification Movement. The legacy he left behind is one that continues to grow. As Mother Moon continues his work, his words and works continue to inspire people from all around the world to live a life of gratitude, peace and love.




Nature of God
Why Did God Create Humans?
What is our Purpose?
Why is there suffering?
The Bible
The Coming of the New Age
The Second Coming


The Divine Principle is an insight into how we can be who we were created to be.


The Divine Principle is an unprecedented new worldview, new cosmology, new view of life, new view of providence, and new view of history. It is an integrated principle that embraces all religions, doctrines and philosophical tenets into one, while preserving the unique characteristics of each.


Kevin and  Masako Thompson - Pastor Couple

Over the years, the Thompsons have helped to build a thriving community of faith. Pastor Kevin Thompson is a sought after speaker around the country who infuses humor and personal experience into his talks.

Kazuya Morita - Youth Pastor

It’s never too early to get in touch with God. Kazuya Morita is our Youth Pastor and is a critical part of making our congregation great. Come get spiritually uplifted after one visit with Kazuya Morita.

Siew Lian Le Roy - BAFC Coordinator

When our church runs smoothly, it’s because of Siew Lian Le Roy. Handling a huge number of responsibilities and tasks, Siew Lian Le Roy is one of our most prominent team members.

Bento Leal - Blessing and Marriage Ministry

Bento Leal has been fascinated by human relationships for decades, and nothing gets him more inspired than when he sees people experience breakthroughs in their personal lives and with the people they love and care about.

Marcus Von Euw - Outreach Coordinator

If you call or visit Bay Area Family Church, Marcus Von Euw may be the first face you meet. Let Marcus Von Euw welcome you into our community — get ready to meet a new friend.

Pat Fleischman - Woman's Federation for World Peace Chairwoman

Pat Fleischman believes that women have so much richness of heart that is expressed in infinite, wonderful ways. Helping to empower women to use their special qualities is Pat's calling.

Mark Denni -  Interfaith Facilitator

Mark Denni promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation. He brings together like-minded individuals from all political persuasions, faiths, and backgrounds to seriously consider how to bring about peace..

Gabby von Euw -  Youth and Yount Adult Ministry Coordinator

We are all inspired by the vitality of Gabby von Euw.  If you are young and like adventure you'll be sure to enjoy time with Gabby von Euw! YAYAM is the Youth and Young Adult Ministry

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