Interesting Stories

This category has testimonies from our members. Some may be earth shattering but most are every day testimonies about what members are doing, what inspires them, how they view life, and what is meaningful to them.

  • The name of the program is called a Brown Paper Bag Homeless Food Program. This program was started in January 2013 under the leadership and guidance of pastor Theresa Nelson. The founder of this Brown Paper Bag Program are the Daniel’s sisters, Ann, Rose, Evelyn, Norma, Dorothy, Marie, Geneva, and Ann Rabun.

  • After months of training, the race day finally arrived. I felt a bit queasy, but also excited. I had only slept for bouts of time the night before because my body seemed to be prepared to run hours before the race began. I woke up while it was still dark, grabbed the smoothie I had prepared the night before, and hopped into my car to drive to Alameda. The drive was short, and I arrived and parked my car, breathing deeply before I stepped out to remind myself that I was indeed going to do this.

  • For the past 13 years, I’ve had the good fortune of teaching relationship skills as part of my duties as a full-time staff member with a statewide, non-profit educational organization based here in California. I’ve taught in churches, family resource centers, county jails, and federal prison mainly here in the greater Bay Area.