1-Up Youth Ministry Workshop

The Youth Ministry’s first workshop of the Fall Semester was October 1-Up! Originally known as ‘Kinships’, ‘1-Up!’ was created in hopes that after each workshop, the youth could "level up" through spirituality, growth and character. There were 21 middle and high school participants, 6 young adults who helped group lead and 7 other young adults who were core staff.


Something significant that happened at this workshop was that there was a fresh batch of older brothers and sisters who volunteered to group lead. A handful of participants shared that one of their highlights was their group leaders. Also, the talk and the theme, “Thrive over Survive”, was often mentioned and stuck with a lot of the kids throughout the activities. 


The intention of the workshop was fellowship and to introduce Principle that the youth can apply. Fellowship was accomplished through the different group activities: going to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, toilet paper mummy fashion show. Keanu Wright gave a talk about how instead of surviving until the weekend or the next big event, live with passion and purpose and work towards becoming your fullest potential. 


After Keanu’s talk, the kids drew out and then shared with their team their goals for the semester. The next morning, the God's word reating, also known as Hoon Dok Hae, that the participants read and discussed in teams was ‘Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life’. 

We concluded the workshop in reflection and prayer. Here are some of the reflections from the participants and group leaders:


Testimonies from Staff and Participants


What were your highlights from this workshop?


“Hoon Dok Hae this morning. I was surprised by how present and attentive my little team was and it was really nice to be able to talk to them about their goals in life.”

-Young adult brother group leader

What stood out to you from Keanu’s talk?


“I think what stood out to me was finding a higher purpose in life and I agree because many people today focus only on surviving.” 

-Young adult brother group leader


What did you learn by being a group leader this workshop?


“Being an example and intention setting is really important. Being a group leader is not easy, but as long as the kids are having fun it’s okay!!”

-Young adult sister group leader



Report by Calissa Quilates