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    To think about our personal stories, we need to deal with details and at the same time believe in a big vision. Let’s start with a vision: what would a culture of peace look like? Each person has their own version of what their ideal of a peaceful world would look like depending on their passions, beliefs, upbringing, and environment. However, there may be some areas where we could all agree.

  • Nature is one of many ways God expresses his love and joy for us. A place for us to enjoy with others. This past weekend 20 young adults from the Bay Area community went on a camping trip to Pinecrest Lake around 2 ½ hours North-east. It was a wonderful time being able to take a step back from our day to day life to get in touch with nature. 

  • On Saturday July 13th, couples young and old gathered at the Bay Area Family Church for the first "DIY Waffles and Marriage Tips" event. This event was inspired and created by a tribal messiah support group of ladies including Elizabeth Buergi, Jung Park, Liisa Burns, and others, who wanted an event where couples could gain advice for their marriage as well as spend some quality time with their spouse. 20 couples participated, including 3 couples who were not guests of anyone who attends Bay Area Family Church, simply signing up through the event platform Eventbrite,com.

  • First empathy in Berkeley, now Kindness in Southern California. "New UCLA institute will study - and spread - kindness" reads the headline in today's paper. Although kindness has been recognized as a human strength by positive psychology, the research institute at UCLA will seek to provide data to support how kindness leads to health and well-being.

  • For the past 13 years, I’ve had the good fortune of teaching relationship skills as part of my duties as a full-time staff member with a statewide, non-profit educational organization based here in California. I’ve taught in churches, family resource centers, county jails, and federal prison mainly here in the greater Bay Area.