21st Memorial Ceremony for Young Jin Nim

There was a beautiful 21st Memorial Ceremony held in Carson City, Nevada on November 4th ( Sept 19th in the 8th year of CIG) which featured a greeting from Dr Chong Shik Yong, Regional President of North America,  as well as a message from Dr Jin Sung Bae, father of Ji Hye Jin and President of the Hyo Jeong Academy from Korea. 

Pastor Kevin Thompson, Pastor of Bay Area Family Church, read part of a message from Yeon Jin Nim who shared about the heart of her elder brother to help us understand the beautiful personality which Young Jin possesses. 

Young Jin Nim was a sacrifice on behalf of America, as the second son of True Parents born in America. Now 21 years after his passing  we could feel the joy of Young Jin Nim and his new bride and the pride and satisfaction of True Parents. 

Congratulations and a huge thank you to Mr Jo Seuk Seung and Mrs Ji Soon Seung for the 21 years of attendance to True Child Young Jin Moon. Mr & Mrs  Seung have held this memorial service each year, comforting True Parents and Young Jin Nim through their deep heart of attendance. Now, after 21 years TrueParents have blessed Young Jin Nim to Miss Ji Hye Jin, daughter of Dr & Mrs Jin Sung Bae. From now the Jin family will carry on the annual memorial tradition.