• Rise and Shine!
    Happy National Make a Difference Day!
    Today CARP partnered with the city of Hayward and the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force on an annual community service event to keep #HaywardBeautiful !!

  • On October 19, CARP Bay Area held its second Unificatiation Principles (UP) Seminar of the semester. It took place in the Principled Academy in San Leandro, hosted by our partnering organization Family Federation.


  • After months of training, the race day finally arrived. I felt a bit queasy, but also excited. I had only slept for bouts of time the night before because my body seemed to be prepared to run hours before the race began. I woke up while it was still dark, grabbed the smoothie I had prepared the night before, and hopped into my car to drive to Alameda. The drive was short, and I arrived and parked my car, breathing deeply before I stepped out to remind myself that I was indeed going to do this.

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    In several posts in this blog category (The Story of Your Life), besides reviewing a “Hero’s Journey” in relation to our own lives, we will explore how to approach our life. The “Life Goals Approach” can help chart a clear course with purpose in our life.

  • ‘God or No God’


    This past week at our evening ignite program guests speaker Mr Bento Leal gave a talk on ‘God or No God’ which led to open discussion sharing with each other our thoughts and beliefs on this topic.

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    To think about our personal stories, we need to deal with details and at the same time believe in a big vision. Let’s start with a vision: what would a culture of peace look like? Each person has their own version of what their ideal of a peaceful world would look like depending on their passions, beliefs, upbringing, and environment. However, there may be some areas where we could all agree.