• In recent blogs I have written about the 24 strengths, or capacities for virtue, as explained by 
    studies in positive psychology.  In addition, I explained how the practice of mindfulness allows us to 
    attend to our awareness in the present moment.  In Hardwiring Happiness, Rick Hansen explains how 
    the experience of positive moments of beauty, goodness, and love, for the self and the other, develop 
    the brain.  It has the ability to seize upon these moments and develop pathways, that allow for further positive experience.  The brain grows throughout our life. 

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    There is a natural human desire for freedom that can only be fulfilled when we draw upon all our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical resources to accomplish meaningful goals. Why does this definition include more than the words, “absence of restraint” as dictionaries often define it?  True freedom is being able to do things that aren’t just required of you. When we decide on what we want to do, feel right about it in our heart and conscience, and can carry it out; we live in true freedom.

  • More than 7,000 people, including former and current leaders from 171 countries, religious leaders, businessmen, and Nobel Laureates, have joined together to seek human happiness and lasting peace in the world.

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    Getting back to a “Hero’s Journey,” a hero needs to ask, explore, and find out how to do something. The journey a hero takes is within the scope of normal activity but is valued because of virtues such as: boldness, insightfulness, good heartedness, sacrificial attitude, struggle, conquest, restraint, integrity, etc. Real heroes act from their inner conscience. Their attitude is often that anyone else in their circumstances would have done the same thing. Joseph Campbell compares a “Hero’s Journey” to our internal growth and transformation...

  • Winter Wonderland Weekend! Every year our community looks forward to the opportunity to go enjoy the snow together at the Boreal Mountain Ski Resort. We had a wonderful weekend with 47 people attending: 30 high schoolers, 11 young adults, and 6 parents! Most came to ski and snowboard, but also some came to just enjoy the snow and good company. It was great to celebrate True Heavenly Parent’s Day out in the beautiful creation. It brings God a lot of joy seeing his children having fun and appreciating nature!

  • And as a kick off for the 40 days of peace, on Jan 18th we had a day of service, prayer, peace messages, and a prayer march, working together with council member Noel Gallo who was very inspired by the idea of prayers for peace. When he heard it was 10,000 prayers in 40 days he said “we need way more than that here in Oakland.”

  • On December 27th to December 29th of 2019, Bay Area Family Church Youth Ministry held Winter Workshop 2019 at the Bay Area Family Church in San Leandro, California. The workshop consisted of 35 participants, 12 group leaders, 3 core staff, 2 parent advisors, and many parents and volunteers that assisted with cooking heartfelt meals and driving. The focus of the workshop was “My Offering” with the hope that each participant can recognize the value of the offering they can make to God and True Parents and  understand their unique value.

  • Mrs. M.L. Carillo is the morning home-room teacher for middle school students. Every Monday she asks students to share about their weekend experiences, usually focusing on empathy or other character strengths (The Principled Academy focuses on the 24 strengths within each person as part of the character education program). She calls their names randomly as a name on a popsicle stick represents each student.

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    The process of growth is about developing our internal nature. It is a process that is challenging yet fulfilling if we do not give up. If we make the necessary effort to reach a new level, we are excited and full of life.