Testimonial Thursday with Tea

Exciting Life of Faith

October 1, 2020

Testimonial by Aunt Liz Buergi

To start the new month, we began with a kick off to our new series: Testimonial Thursdays with Tea! We will host this event every first and third Thursday of the month for our community’s young adults to gather and continue growing as individuals while strengthening our connections with one another. For this month of October our theme is “Authentic Relationship with God”. We took some time at the beginning of the event to reflect on different questions regarding our life of faith, where we are at, a relationship with God, and why faith. 

With our cups of tea we listened to Aunt Liz Buergi share her testimony about discovering the value of having a life of faith and what it means to her. She started by comparing a life of faith to surfing and how, in surfing, one falls down a lot but then when you can ride a wave you can feel God, being able to catch a wave of victory. But in those moments of falling and getting up is also where God can be felt, sometimes even more. 

Aunt Liz then shared with us why she chose faith and religion by sharing her personal journey of how she searched for meaning and purpose in life. She felt there was something more to life. Although she had many material things she couldn’t help feeling that something was missing. Through her 25 year long search, she was able to find that missing piece in our movement and in True Parents. 

She concluded by sharing that she has been practicing her faith and building her relationship with God, still having realizations even now, and ultimately shared her focus moving forward. 

Following her testimony the young adults discussed what insights they gained from the testimony and how Aunt Liz’s experience could be related to each of us in our own lives. It made us reflect, dig deeper, and think about where we are each at individually. We don’t always take the time to do so, but through this event we were able to create the space to start thinking more on these different points. 

Report Written by: Gabriela von Euw