• And as a kick off for the 40 days of peace, on Jan 18th we had a day of service, prayer, peace messages, and a prayer march, working together with council member Noel Gallo who was very inspired by the idea of prayers for peace. When he heard it was 10,000 prayers in 40 days he said “we need way more than that here in Oakland.”

  • On December 27th to December 29th of 2019, Bay Area Family Church Youth Ministry held Winter Workshop 2019 at the Bay Area Family Church in San Leandro, California. The workshop consisted of 35 participants, 12 group leaders, 3 core staff, 2 parent advisors, and many parents and volunteers that assisted with cooking heartfelt meals and driving. The focus of the workshop was “My Offering” with the hope that each participant can recognize the value of the offering they can make to God and True Parents and  understand their unique value.