• ‘God or No God’


    This past week at our evening ignite program guests speaker Mr Bento Leal gave a talk on ‘God or No God’ which led to open discussion sharing with each other our thoughts and beliefs on this topic.

  • Nature is one of many ways God expresses his love and joy for us. A place for us to enjoy with others. This past weekend 20 young adults from the Bay Area community went on a camping trip to Pinecrest Lake around 2 ½ hours North-east. It was a wonderful time being able to take a step back from our day to day life to get in touch with nature. 

  • On Saturday July 13th, couples young and old gathered at the Bay Area Family Church for the first "DIY Waffles and Marriage Tips" event. This event was inspired and created by a tribal messiah support group of ladies including Elizabeth Buergi, Jung Park, Liisa Burns, and others, who wanted an event where couples could gain advice for their marriage as well as spend some quality time with their spouse. 20 couples participated, including 3 couples who were not guests of anyone who attends Bay Area Family Church, simply signing up through the event platform Eventbrite,com.