Story of Your Life

This blog topic delves into aspects of your life from a story telling point of view. Through writing exercises and examining story telling techniques, you can reflect on your life. This is not a writing course (although the result might be a nice memoir!). It is a reflective journey into your past, present, and future to better understand where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go.  Author: Kathleen Sabo

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    The process of growth is about developing our internal nature. It is a process that is challenging yet fulfilling if we do not give up. If we make the necessary effort to reach a new level, we are excited and full of life.

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    Heart is the emotional desire to crave joy through love. As we grow in heart, we experience different realms of heart.

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    When children are born, they have the seed for blossoming into an adult. Even still, most adults are not complete just as the hero in a “Hero’s Journey” has some incompleteness. There are two dimensions of imperfection: things you know about and other things that you are entirely oblivious about. According to the “Hero’s Journey” narrative, heroes are often bothered by something they are not happy with in their lives. This unrest points the way for the hero to enter a different realm to get something that will fix his situation.

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    When we have fulfilled the first two life goals, society becomes an extension of our family. The community and the environment are treated with respect and love. Motivated by true love, we interact with society, our work, and the environment, leading to our individual and social prosperity.


    The third life goal deals with the human aspiration to develop our potential for creativity or mastery in some field of endeavor with the intention to leave a legacy for future generations.

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    The second life goal is to develop the capacity for ethical and loving relationships. We learn how to relate with others. Building upon the first goal, mature character with an altruistic heart, we observe the standards and proper rules for good relationships in our family, at work, and in the community and region we live in.

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