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This blog has inspirations for gatherings with commentary and discussion. These blogs can spark ideas to be expanded upon. The impact of these gatherings can influence the choices we make and the aspirations we fulfill.

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    The universe is a matrix of interdependent relationships. For example, the human body has various elements that are linked together in a hierarchy of increasingly higher purposes. Groups of specialized cells form organs, organs link up into systems, and systems cooperate for the benefit of the entire body.


    Cancer is a disease in which the tumor cells cease to honor the higher purpose of the body. The tumor is parasitic, feeding off the body for the sake of its own growth. Eventually, the cancer saps the body of its vitality and the body dies. By not supporting the higher purpose, cancer sows the seeds for its own destruction.

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    A “Hero’s Journey” includes a mentor of some kind. Generally, these are characters who guide, protect, motivate, or train. The mentor can appear in a variety of ways and occasions. A mentor may use a gift as a lure to get the hero to accept a challenge or as a treasure after a hero proves his commitment. The mentor can be someone who provides encouragement to a hero who is hesitating to pave the unknown path. An example of this is the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz giving Dorothy the red shoes and guiding her toward the Yellow Brick Road.

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    Throughout our lives, there are people and situations that influence us either for the good or bad. Let’s look at the different types of characters who appear on a “Hero’s Journey”.

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    A world that realizes universally shared values resembles a perfect human body. All the various organs in the body work in harmony for a common purpose according to the commands of the brain. In the same way, directives from the hearts of mature people will produce goodness and righteousness. Universally shared values are common ethical and moral social guides centered on our Heavenly Parent’s true love and heart.

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    Mutual prosperity is like the term peace. Almost anyone wants it but how it comes about is the question. We’ve seen governments plan and control its people but still there isn’t equal living conditions for all. Especially in advanced countries, there is destructive competition and self-promoting aggressive tactics to gain wealth without regard to the public safety or well-being. I’ve pondered the question of mutual prosperity and have concluded it’s only possible with true love.