UP Seminar October Report

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On October 19, CARP Bay Area held its second Unificatiation Principles (UP) Seminar of the semester. It took place in the Principled Academy in San Leandro, hosted by our partnering organization Family Federation.

The purpose of this workshop was to explore deeper into Unification Principles and how to recognize and integrate them into our lifestyle. We learned about the contradiction within every human being, how it came to be, and what we can do to overcome that and lead a life with purpose and direction. In addition to these talks, we also had time for sports, reflection, and many group discussions.

This UP retreat was unique in that it was divided into two workshops--beginner and advanced. Additionally, the beginner workshop was run solely by CARP student leaders! Our CARP advisors lectured in previous seminars, but this one was given by CARP members Erika Gordon, Hiroaki Kamata, and Karen Ishiguro. Each gave a 40-minute talk followed by conversations about the content. The advanced workshop was led by CARP Advisor Markus von Euw, who lectured on the content of overcoming human contradiction and leading a life of quality. He delved into Biblical examples as well as how we can apply that into our lives on a daily basis. 

 A total of 18 guests attended this UP Seminar. 

Contributed by Reyna Harding