Story of Your Life

This blog topic delves into aspects of your life from a story telling point of view. Through writing exercises and examining story telling techniques, you can reflect on your life. This is not a writing course (although the result might be a nice memoir!). It is a reflective journey into your past, present, and future to better understand where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go.  Author: Kathleen Sabo

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    The second life goal is to develop the capacity for ethical and loving relationships. We learn how to relate with others. Building upon the first goal, mature character with an altruistic heart, we observe the standards and proper rules for good relationships in our family, at work, and in the community and region we live in.

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    In several posts in this blog category (The Story of Your Life), besides reviewing a “Hero’s Journey” in relation to our own lives, we will explore how to approach our life. The “Life Goals Approach” can help chart a clear course with purpose in our life.

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    To think about our personal stories, we need to deal with details and at the same time believe in a big vision. Let’s start with a vision: what would a culture of peace look like? Each person has their own version of what their ideal of a peaceful world would look like depending on their passions, beliefs, upbringing, and environment. However, there may be some areas where we could all agree.