Our Values


Our Values

We are people from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds, as well as people from no religious background at all. As a first timer, you’ll be struck by the diversity of faces you’ll see and the intercultural families you’ll meet.


We are a community where we:

- Connect with God as the Creator and parent of all humankind

- Respect all faith traditions and strive for inter-faith cooperation and harmony

- Experience the positive change in our lives that comes through nurturing the growth of our heart and character

- Attain a world of peace as one family under God

- Teach by love and example that a world of peace begins with me

- Embody the Ideal of the family as the school of love



Our message is contemporary because it speaks to how God is working in the world right now. We live in a special time in history where there is great potential for good. The potential we see begins in each individual’s discovery of their divine purpose and value, of what makes life worth living, and of how each one of us can create a worthy life.

What makes life worth living?  The value of life comes when we fulfill our God-given purpose, and thus experience real joy.


“What is happiness in the true sense? In a word, happiness can be found in the position where you can give in your own unique way. You are happy, when you can give to other people. You are happy when you can share your position, your wealth, your knowledge, or whatever you have that is virtuous with other people. If you can share love with each other, that makes you feel happiest of all.”

—Sun Myung Moon