Our Pastor


Our Pastor

Kevin Thompson was born in England to a working class family. He attended an English Grammar School before working in the Shipbuilding industry, serving an apprenticeship as a Shipwright. In 1979 he set off on his travels around the world, seeking adventure and purpose. This led him to San Diego, California where he was introduced to the Unification Movement. Inspired by the teachings of Reverend Moon he dedicated his life to the ideals and goals of making this world into the original place where God can dwell.

Pastor Thompson spent three years in Los Angeles involved in a variety of different responsibilities before moving to Colorado where he worked in areas of financial support of the movement. After 3 years in Colorado he moved to the Bay Area to participate in the Ocean Church program which is an experiential, character building youth program.

In 1992 he was appointed as Pastor of the Bay Area Family Church which was located in Berkeley at the time. Pastor Thompson moved the church to the current location in 1998 when the current property was purchased. Over the years as Pastor he has helped to build a thriving community of faith and invested himself in Interfaith outreach, clergy conferences, youth ministry, given hundreds of sermons and lectures to various audiences as well as conducting the general responsibilities of administering a growing church. He is a sought after speaker around the country who infuses humor and personal experience into his talks.

Pastor Thompson was introduced to his wife, Masako (Harada) by Reverend Moon in 1982 and they have 5 grown up children together.