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Pastor Message



Beliefs about God

First and foremost God is our Parent, having both the heart of a Mother and Father. Through experiencing God as our Heavenly Parent, we realize our divine value and understand the connection we have with those around us.
As a parent, God is heartbroken by the devastation He sees in the world and longs to fulfill in our lives what He originally intended.
God wants to be a part of every aspect of our lives. For that reason, we strive to build a very personal and real relationship with God, which fuels our capacity to love others and reach our fullest potential.

Beliefs about People

All people are created in the image of God and have unique value. This value is absolute and unchanging, regardless of any differences. We are all precious to God and we strive to reflect that in our relationships.
God is always reaching out to each one of us. As we reach back, we create the possibility for God to work in our lives. It’s our choice.

Beliefs about Family

Together, a man and woman reflect the image of God. It is through this relationship that we experience the fullness of life and God’s heart of True Love. We support the creation of healthy marriage and families, through the marriage Blessing.
Our families are our greatest gift to the world and to God. By working to create ideal families, ones that know how to deal with the ups and downs that come our way, we raise families that can love broadly and deeply as God does, and we contribute to the betterment of our world with every generation.

Beliefs about Religion

Religion is a vehicle through which God is reaching out to the world. We recognize that all the major faith traditions are expressions of God’s work in the world and hold important truths. We honor these traditions by offering an interfaith prayer at the conclusion of every service.
Today, God is revealing a way for the world’s religions to unify, overcoming historical conflict, through discovering a new relationship with God and each other.